The 2019 Junction Creek fish community assessment study collected date on the number of different fish species and their distribution in the upper reaches of Junction Creek. Based on the species found and their sensitivity to water quality, we were able to assess current stream health and compare results to past studies to reveal temporal and spatial trends.

The results revealed a new sighting of fish species, the Logperch, and an increase in species richness and distribution in several sections of Junction Creek. This suggests that stream health is improving. The section of Junction Creek with the highest stream health is between Lasalle Boulevard and Maley Drive, and the sections with the poorest stream health were New Sudbury and downstream of Downtown Sudbury. The greatest improvement in stream health was between Kelly Lake and Martindale Road.

The data will be used to plan future restoration efforts and provide input in watershed reports and management. Consistent long-term research programs are integral to monitor and protect the health of Junction Creek.

Junction Creek Stream Health At-a-Glance Report