Join the restoration story of Junction Creek and make a difference together as a Junction Creek Member!  

The Junction Creek Stewardship Committee promotes inclusive, respectful, and diverse membership and welcomes the opportunity to share your voice. 

To keep the membership accessible, there is no fee involved, however if you wish to make a donation towards the Junction Creek Stewardship Committee (a chartable not-for-profit grassroots organization) you can do so here:


What are the benefits of being a Junction Creek Member? 

  • The satisfaction of knowing you are actively contributing to a healthy and revitalized watershed 
  • Staying connected and informed: monthly JCSC updates, project reports, presentations, and notifications about upcoming events, job postings and volunteer opportunities 
  • Copy of Annual Report and the occasional perk along the way 
  • Ability to vote at any General Meeting (must be at least 18 years of age). There are approximately two General Meetings per year (in the spring and fall) which are dedicated to special members-only guest presentations and summaries about Junction Creek health and projects. Attendance is optional but highly recommended. 
  • Ability to join a sub-committee to share your ideas and make positive changes (ex. Fundraising, Website, Arboretum, Young Leaders) 
  • Eligible to join Board of Directors (must be at least 18 years of age)

Members Code of Conduct
JCSC ByLaws last revised 2022-04-13

Fill-in the annual Junction Creek Membership Form today to become a member! Your free membership will renew automatically unless specified otherwise.

Thank you for supporting the restoration of Junction Creek. Your involvement as a Junction Creek Member creates positive change in the health of the watershed and community!