Like any urban watershed, litter and plastic waste are ongoing issues posing threats to the health of our waterways, local wildlife and community. Junction Creek was once treated as a ditch in which garbage and waste were dumped into, giving it the name ‘Junk’ Creek. With a better understanding about the importance of keeping our waterways clean and healthy, awareness programs and clean-up initiatives empowered positive change, building appreciation for water stewardship and conservation. 

The Junction Creek Stewardship Committee coordinates creek clean-ups as part of the City of Greater Sudbury’s Adopt-A-Spot program and conducts litter monitoring surveys to identify litter hotspots along Junction Creek. Based on these hotspots, clean-up activities are coordinated with volunteer groups, local businesses and the general public. These 2 hour events remove litter to lessen the environmental and social impact of garbage and plastic waste building up in our watershed 

Beginning in 2019 we began a partnership with Plastic-Free Greater Sudbury to sort and tally garbage during Junction Creek clean-up events. Tallying the litter provides data on the types of litter removed from the creek and surrounding shorelines. This helps to gain a better understanding of the specific challenges experienced by different sections of the creek and offers guidance for planning appropriate mitigation measuresResults are shared in our annual Clean-up Reports. 

2019 Junction Creek Clean-up Report
2020 Junction Creek Clean-up Report

Are you interested in volunteering at a clean-up? Most of the clean-ups we arrange are with organizations, businesses, clubs or other community groups, with the exception of 1-2 public clean-up events hosted in the Spring or Fall. Talk with your fellow clubs, colleagues or your local Greater Sudbury Community Action Network about organizing a clean-up and we can provide assistance.

We offer training, supplies, and guidance to provide community groups with the knowledge and tools to safely clean-up designated sections of Junction Creek. Help improve your neighbourhood by becoming an Adopt-a-Creek partner. Contact us for more information, [email protected]. 

Steps for a Safe Solo Clean-up
Clean-up Safety Tips